Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hey from Mexico,
I am having so much fun here! The people are extremely hospitable and friendly. It´s great to be in another country away from distractions and our materialistic lifestyles. I can focus more and get closer to God. And yes mom, I have dirt all over my work clothes! I do miss home but when we leave I know I will miss being here with my team. When we had ministry in the park there was no electricity so we painted children's faces, blew up balloons, and the guys played basketball. That day I gave a little girl, named Luzdelalba, my chick animal bracelet. The next day when we came back to perform, she was wearing it and she clung to me while I was sitting with the kids. Before we all left she came up to hug me and I picked up her new bracelet and picked up one of mine and said, "Amigas." Luzdelalba lit up. To know that I caused that happiness and that she will be wearing my bracelet made me feel better. It made an impact on her life as well as mine. Love you Mommyyy and I´ll see you in 4 days!!!

p.s. -- Mom: I would like to go to school on Wednesday around third period :) pleaseeeee ♥


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  1. What a kind and wonderful experience, Sierra. You are truly a blessing. Is that a new Mexican dance that you and Caleb are doing there? :)