Tuesday, April 13, 2010

As always, God showed up. I am still processing everything but immediately I know of a few things that I am taking home with me. One is to give my life away. Give my life away, and let Jesus be my true sole pilot. I'm tired of trying to navigate through life on my own strength and knowledge. That's not how God intended for any of us to live when he created us. And if we truly call ourselves christians, we need to fully trust and have faith in God and know that the path he has laid before us is the right one.

Also, to be fearless. Step out on faith with every decision I make. Talk to the Lord for counsel and wait on him for my answer. Then, be fearless! Do what he is calling me to do despite what I feel I am capable of. All through scripture, God was calling normal average people to do extraordinary amazing things. The same is true for me.

Being here in Mexico has taught me these things. Our leader, Mike Esposito, made these points apparent to our whole team last night. What a man of God he is. It was such an inspiration to follow his lead this week. I will continue to follow his lead and take his advice as I make my way back to Maryland. God has been saying two words to me these past couple of months including during this trip..."Right now!" Now's the time. I pray my team is as on fire as I am! Buckle up!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Hola! It's Sara! This trip has been so amazing! Today was our day off and we went to the beach and pool and then went shopping in the market. Tonight, we spent some time encouraging and affirming one another and also sharing what we are going to take away from this trip. I came on this trip last year and came back this year thinking I knew exactly what to expect. While the trip this year was similar to last year, it was also different, but God still showed up and worked in different and powerful ways. You can just feel it when He is moving and it is awesome. I am excited to go home, but I am also very sad to leave. I will miss all the people we met here and built relationships with. I know that God will continue to work in us and then even after our trip is over. Thank you for all your support and prayers. We cannot wait to share more with you when we come home.


Saturday, April 10, 2010


Day 5 from Mexico,

The weather is great, the food is amazing, and the enviroment is almost refreshing. The kids here are so appreciative of all the attention, balloons, games and candy that they forgive all of us for our horrible spanish. Today was our last day of actually working at the site, we managed to get alot more done than I had thought possible. The only odd thing is I see my little brother, who is adopted from Guatemala, everywhere; the back of a small boy, a six year old running around the hotel in a superman costume, and by the side of a Mayan women begging on the street. Its helping me really see the people here as my brother's family, and therefore my family.


I am loving it here! This trip has taught me a lot about God and myself. I'm enjoying spending time with the children. A lot of them are shy, but after a while they warm up to us. I can't wait to get back home and tell everyone about my trip and what I have learned!

Hey from Mexico,
I am having so much fun here! The people are extremely hospitable and friendly. It´s great to be in another country away from distractions and our materialistic lifestyles. I can focus more and get closer to God. And yes mom, I have dirt all over my work clothes! I do miss home but when we leave I know I will miss being here with my team. When we had ministry in the park there was no electricity so we painted children's faces, blew up balloons, and the guys played basketball. That day I gave a little girl, named Luzdelalba, my chick animal bracelet. The next day when we came back to perform, she was wearing it and she clung to me while I was sitting with the kids. Before we all left she came up to hug me and I picked up her new bracelet and picked up one of mine and said, "Amigas." Luzdelalba lit up. To know that I caused that happiness and that she will be wearing my bracelet made me feel better. It made an impact on her life as well as mine. Love you Mommyyy and I´ll see you in 4 days!!!

p.s. -- Mom: I would like to go to school on Wednesday around third period :) pleaseeeee ♥


Friday, April 9, 2010

Hey Bridgeway, the trip is going great. we are meeting a lot of cool people and eating a lot of really great food. Happy to see that we're all staying healthy and Dante hasn't gotten sick yet, key word yet. I miss my mommy and warm water haha. We have a lot of really good inside jokes and we're just enjoying oursleves which is always fun to see. It's pretty cool to be a "vet" 'casue we're asked to do a lot of things because we know how things are done and how things are suppose to go. The "rookies," as we say, are making a lot of rookie mistakes but they will learn with experience. Today we went from shack to shack inviting people to tomorrow's performance that we are going to be putting on with drama, music, and dancing. I MISS YOU MOMMY and love you!